10 Qualities of a Servant Leader {Infographic}

10 Qualities of a Servant Leader Infographic

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  • Listening: A deep commitment to listening intently to others. Ask clarifying questions and reflect what they hear from others.
  • Empathizing: Seek to understand people’s feelings about the situation. Assume good intentions. Does not limit holding people accountable.
  • Acting intentionally: A well-developed self-awareness combined with general awareness enables you to make intentional, wise actions.
  • Dedicating time for others: Actively look for ways to build relationships with others and foster a sense of community.
  • Empowering others: Hire capable people and show them the way. Recognize that we have surrounded ourselves with them for a reason.
  • Removing obstacles: Identify the resources others need to succeed. Look for organizational and situational barriers you can remove to help the team.
  • Serving others: Approach people as a steward trusted to help them become their best and grow to better enable the team to reach its goals.
  • Helping with humility: Seeks to convince others rather than coerce compliance. Effectively build consensus within groups and individuals.
  • Interact with integrity: Radiates openness and authenticity. Knows that how the outcome is achieved matters as much or more than the outcome.
  • Persevering: Keep a steady course in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement. Actively looks for ways to encourage to encourage others.

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