Are you a nerdy person who LOVES talking about leadership and how to get ahead in while maintaining your character? Do you just want to feel like it’s even possible to win at work AND at home?

Join our community of leaders in the Chief Servants.


Listen in as we fix people’s careers and walk through promotions and family life with them.


Learn and share tips that will change the direction of your career and create a personal life you’ll be proud of.


Find answer’s to servant leadership questions and Quick Questions.

Servant leadership is counterintuitive in today’s business environment because it turns many so-called leadership principles upside-down. The Chief Servants community is building a framework exclusively for executives, business owners and rising leaders that know that true success requires succeeding at work, at home and in the community.

The group is brought to you by:

  • Kurt Uhlir, a serial entrepreneur that has generated over $10 billion in value for investors and clients as a serial entrepreneur, product visionary, and angel investor. He know what it takes to succeed at work and is on the journey with us to “win” at home. Read more of his story here.
  • John Field has spent a career in product development and product management working with large companies like LEGO and IBM and small entrepreneurial companies. He has done well at work and walks with others to improve their personal lives. Read more of his story here.

Join us as we all:

  • Learn what the “climb” really looks like from those that have done it.
  • How to avoid the pitfalls that can slow down your career and mess up your personal relationships.
  • Create an actionable framework to help accelerate your growth into a leader that has a true impact on those around you and even the world.
  • Begin to grow of the next generation of servant leaders.
  • Laugh at ourselves as we go through the learning pains we all inevitably encounter along the way

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