Kurt Uhlir speaking at B2B Camp 2013

Acquiring Leads in Bulk {B2BCamp Presentation}

Kurt Uhlir speaking at B2B Camp 2013

Atlanta is known as the MarTech capital of the country, and it was great to be selected to speak at both Atlanta events. Here’s a short summary of my 2013 talks on marketing partnerships at B2BCamp.

What if the last conference you went to provided real education and use cases, instead of veiled sales pitches from company after company? Welcome to B2B Camp and the “unconference” for people working in companies in the B2B space.

“Now with over 1,000 strong community participants, B2BCamp is poised to be a driving force for being a source for connecting, sharing, and learning.”

B2BCamp is a gathering of people in the B2B space that want to trade and discuss business and marketing techniques. This is an event that really brings together the best and brightest from this interesting space and makes each of them better for it.

Some attendees just want to share experiences, while others will present or lead roundtable discussions; This is not a spectator event. Typically not one to be a spectator anyway, our founder and CEO, Kurt Uhlir, attended and was chosen to present. Kurt spoke about his tactics for getting highly qualified leads in bulk versus traditional methods.

The traditional struggle that a sales team faces in finding new leads is the one on one fight to get each and every lead, Partner marketing is a great way to help sales people pull in high quantities of quality leads. Check out the presentation here!

Here are a few important characteristics to consider when choosing a partner:

  • A good reputation
  • Shared values
  • Complementary offerings
  • Strong marketing capabilities
  • Active online communities
  • Extended customer reach
  • Partner size
  • Ample available resources
  • Layers of management
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