Transaasional: Sideqik’s New Take On The Saas Pricing Model

There may not be a truly perfect one-size-fits-all approach to SaaS pricing, but one startup’s new approach could be a big step forward toward bridging the gaps between product value and bottom line revenue.

When it comes to SaaS pricing models, two things are certain: 1) There’s nothing simple about it; and 2) opinions on the best way to approach SaaS pricing run the gamut.

Talk to one entrepreneur, and you might buy into the idea that freemium is the optimal way to acquire a large number of users (and gradually convert them into paying customers). Talk to another SaaS founder, and you might come away thinking that raising prices — as opposed to giving away a watered down version of the product — is a far more effective (and more sustainable) model.

Or, you could talk to Kurt Uhlir, co-founder and CEO of partnership marketing software company Sideqik, and suddenly feel motivated to adopt an entirely different SaaS pricing approach.

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