“Next Evolution of Partnership Marketing” Award Given to Sideqik

Short write up from one of the members of our team on us receiving another marketing award. Honored to have been part of founding one of the first influencer marketing platforms and guiding us through the first three years of growth. Earlier this week Sideqik had the honor of being invited to the 2014 TAG […]

Judson Green and Salahuddin Khan - NAVTEQ

Digital Marketing Apprenticeship: Steps to supercharge your career

Our team at Sideqik has received a ton of attention for how we steward our time to grow the next generation of leaders and tech rock stars. People ask us why we take the time, so I wanted to share a little about what we do and why we do it. Everyone has heard of […]

Marketing Expert Interview Series: Hidden Ingredient in Marketing Partnerships with Dipinjeet Sehdev

For this part of Sideqik’s Expert Interview Series, I sat down with Dipinjeet Sehdev, head of Internet Marketing & Brand Relations at KEF America. Dipin and I spoke a few weeks ago and not only did he renew my passion for awesome sounding music but his expertise running marketing partnerships and recent success with some awesome partners […]

Mini Flashpoint reunion - Sideqik and Springbot - Jeremy, Kurt Uhlir, Dave Armento, and Brooks Robinson

Marketing Expert Interview Series: Tackling the E-commerce Challenge with Brooks Robinson

As part of my Expert Interview Series at Sideqik, I sat down with Brooks Robinson of Springbot about tackling the e-commerce challenge with better data, smarter actions and more revenue. We all want to win against large enterprises and he knows e-commerce and marketing space in-and-out. Brooks Robinson is the CEO and co-founder of Springbot, […]

How to choose the right email service provider for your e-commerce marketing

Email marketing is often advertised as being a low-cost, high-return marketing investment. However, picking the wrong email service provider (ESP) or acquiring poor quality email addresses can cost you thousands of extra dollars per year. At Sideqik, we often help customers improve the quality of their email lists as well as the potential customers they […]