Epic Company Culture Podcast: Culture Champion – Kurt Uhlir

“Epic Company Culture podcast host Josh Sweeney gives you, the business leaders, HR professionals and company culture aficionados the knowledge you need, to take your company culture to the next level.”

Always great to share stories of the incredible people I’ve been blessed to work with and mentors and friends that have helped guide me on my journey. Plus it was fun to sit down and chat with Josh Sweeney about company culture from my time as a marketer for high-growth B2B companies.

Love what they’re doing. Stay tuned. He’s really taking the Gary Vaynerchuk approach for just giving value, value, value, value to people.

If you’re into company culture and want tips to encourage the culture champions at your company, check out the Epic Company Culture podcast on iTunesSoundcloud, and Youtube.

What part of the interview encouraged you the most or do you want to hear more about? Let me know.

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