How to Build a Successful Real Estate Marketing Team

How to Build a Successful Real Estate Marketing Team?

How to Build a Successful Real Estate Marketing Team

In real estate, whether you’re selling or buying, the property must be ready to show at all times of the day. This means that an experienced and well-trained team will have to work together and communicate effectively to ensure that each property shows its best qualities. While marketing is an area of weakness for many real estate agents, without the right amount of time and energy dedicated to it, any business won’t succeed as it should.

Spending too much time on marketing your real estate business leaves you with less time and energy to spend on the people and places that are truly important to you—your clients, friends, family, and so on. If you’re like most real estate agents out there, you probably wish you had more time to focus on your real estate business without having to worry about marketing too much at all.

Here are some ways to create a successful real estate marketing team to help your properties look their best to potential buyers and sellers alike.

  • Offer a strong purpose.

Your real estate marketing team is looking for direction, not just work.

When someone decides to join your team, they want to know why you’re doing what you’re doing. Give them a purpose that shows you care about helping them fulfill their dreams too. Even though you may be providing them with marketable skills and work experience, it’s still essential for your team members to feel invested in your agency’s mission. It will boost morale and keep people on board for long enough that they stay through all of your tough times.

I write and speak a good bit about high-achieving servant leadership. These two things consistently work well to support teams in any industry, and they have a natural combination with many real estate businesses.

While some agents are simply looking to close transactions and reach their next “magic number”. When I talk to agents that have been selling 75+ homes per year for many years, they truly approach business by looking for what is best for their clients and understanding that they are sheparding people through what may be the largest financial choice in their life. If that’s you, your team needs to know it.

I’ve come into offices and seen the entire team change overnight when I simply take an hour in front of everyone and ask the agent why they’re working in real estate versus anything else they are clearly qualified to do. Even when done by Zoom, with a freelancer that helps with social media and email campaigns listening in, the reason for everyone working comes alive and becomes real. And, you can see the results in the quality and focus of each team member.

  • Try Out Different People

One of the most important things you can do when building your real estate marketing team is not to assume you should hire multiple people from day one.

It’s worth trying out a few different people and teams before you settle on your final strategy. This way, if one person or group falls short of expectations, you won’t have invested too much time and money in them (yet). If everything works out perfectly, great! But don’t rush into anything prematurely just because it seems like everyone else is doing it that way. Remember to try hiring a team leader, a strategist, content creator, web designer, etc.

  • Hire a team that values customers ( buyers and sellers alike)

Yes, you must have super-skilled people on your marketing team who use lead generation and conversion optimization techniques. But more than that, it’s essential that your team is hungry for success—that they want nothing more than to make and keep the customers satisfied. If you find someone who’s excellent at their job but isn’t passionate about customers (or money), then they’ll be hard-pressed to produce stellar results over time. A team full of selfless superstars with drive will outperform most teams with talented hustlers every time. Your real estate marketing team exists for one reason—to serve your customers! So, make sure you hire marketers who are in alignment with that mission.

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