Pictures of Kurt’s time as a stuntman and model

Even when on the fast-paced team at Navteq, Kurt moonlighted for years training with stuntmen/women to work in movies and commercials, and he continued this after moving to Atlanta. He is known for his fight choreography and skills handling alligators. Here are a few pictures of Kurt as a stuntman (stunt performer).

He’s also been a model for a number of companies (and still hears jokes from his friends that are stuntmen/women). Here are a few pictures from those days.

Stuntman Kurt Uhlir dragged down road
Kurt with 10.5" alligator he pulled out of a pond.
Kurt with 10.5" alligator found in the pond
Tony Wolf, Stuntman and Cultural Fighting Styles Designer for Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, teaching Asylum Stunts team Bartitsu and Character Development
Screen capture from one of the movies
Kurt Uhlir scuba diving with Guntersville Rescue Squad
Stuntman Kurt Uhlir falling off a ladder
Stuntman Kurt Uhlir jet ski chase
Stuntman Kurt Uhlir thrown off platform
Kurt Uhlir - alligator handling - stunts
Kurt Uhlir handling a mid-sized alligator
Kurt Uhlir at pond before alligator handling