SEO Process + Recommended Local SEO Services

SEO Process + Recommended SEO Services

“I’m looking for a checklist of everything I need to do every month for SEO.”

“What SEO services or freelancers do you recommend?”

👆🏻 These are two of the most common questions I hear from Realtors and other businesses that I speak to about modern marketing.

Having helped rank dozens of websites to 1,000,000+ monthly visitors (and some to hundreds of millions), as well as coaching thousands of marketers to scale their traffic, I can tell you that SEO is as much an art form as it is science. This is true at both the Enterprise level and at the local business level.

In the end, it is the processes and systems that win in the end.

I am going to show you a step-by-step breakdown to follow for your own SEO including:

✅  Where to start

✅  What to do in the first 3 months

✅  The exact order to follow

✅  The on-page, link building, and social strategies to use

✅  Some people you can outsource tasks to as needed.

SEO is an ever-changing beast, and every SERP and campaign is unique; nevertheless, if you have a framework of principles to follow and a system for putting each website through the paces, much of your future organic traffic battles will have already been fought.


I’m going to suggest quite a few services from specific individuals on Legiit. Legiit is a marketplace and there are quality, and not so quality, vendors on there. And not every vendor I recommend is great at all things, but in my experience and what I’ve heard from trusted colleagues, you get great results with the specific recommendations below.

Phase 1:

Phase 2:

  • Authority stacking:
    • Work with Vasco to set up a Google Authority stack. You could do this yourself but it will take you 5 – 8 hours minimum.
  • Press Release:
  • More Web 2.0s: There are multiple good vendors for this. Consider using Vasco on it with this gig.
  • Increase your site’s TF/CF: Use this SerpHaus gig to increase the trust flow and citation flow of your site. Does it actually help your rankings? That is questionable but many sites will look at these metrics for your site before choosing to link to or work with you. 

Phase 3: 

Now, you’re starting to get into gigs you can do repeatedly each month and with increasing frequency depending on your budget.

Need SEO done entirely for you? Click here to see some great agencies to help you rank.

Anchor Text Knowledge

When you move into link building with niche posts and guest posts, you really need to understand anchor text to avoid penalties with Google. 

Bookmark this page and this tool:

Watch this anchor text SEO guide from Matt Digity. While you will save a ton of money using the above services or a local agency over working with Matt’s company, their training on anchor text is great. 

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