Epic Company Culture Podcast: Culture Champion – Kurt Uhlir

Your Company Needs Big Ideas and Creativity, But Great Execution is the Key to Success: With Kurt Uhlir

Your Company Needs Big Ideas and Creativity, But Great Execution is the Key to Success: With Kurt Uhlir

Read my interview where I share 5 things I wish someone told me before I became CEO. For those that haven’t made it to one of my keynotes or fireside chats, it may be the most personal interview I’ve ever given.

Made in America Roundtable: White House Article (video)

“We’re here today to continue our celebration of American manufacturing as part of Made in America Week. The leaders and innovators around this table create the products that fill our homes, defend our nation, and enrich our lives.”

Patriotic Spending Has a Bigger Impact Than You Realize

We were blessed to be included in the 2016 USA Today Manufacturing & Skills in America Campaign, reaching 750,000 print readers across USA Today, FABTECH 2016 and Manufacturing Day as well as 3M+ readers online. 

Many Americans love the idea of buying products and technology made in America over imports. But buying American made products may be more than a feel-good choice.

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Advanced driver assistance systems, ADAS, spatial data in video game creation

Sizing Up The Suitors For Here, Nokia’s Map Business

While HERE was last valued at around $2 billion, offers might come in significantly higher than that: Nokia’s trove of driving directions and maps, as well as related location technology and patents, is one of the biggest and more valuable mapping assets to come to the market in years.

How valuable? One former longtime senior employee of HERE estimates there are around 300 different location attributes, with corresponding historical databases, that can be tracked using HERE’s technology. They include more obvious mapping and location-based applications such as driving directions and street maps, but also spatial data technology used in video and gaming applications.

“It’s incredibly difficult to get the type of mapping data that Here has. Base geometry and 20-40 road attributes are relatively easy to collect. However, to collect the 250+ attributes needed for the best navigation experience requires a combination of field teams and user-generated content,” notes entrepreneur Kurt Uhlir.

“HERE has proprietary collection hardware and software that is unmatched, even by Google. Plus, they have the most extensive patent portfolio covering collecting and creating spatial content for current generation of maps and dynamic data. Here also has the foundational patents covering usage of spatial data for creating video games, movie content and the upcoming ADAS vehicle applications.”

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41 Entrepreneurs Share Their Unusual Hobbies

Most entrepreneurs are very tactical about their free time. In the startup life, every minute of every day counts. So here’s how some startup founders and entrepreneurs choose to spend their downtime.

In Startup Funding Search, Not All Investors Are Created Equal

“Investors and founders should both steer clear of unbounded risk,” Uhlir said. “I believe we can teach people how to be better founders, just as someone taught me how to pull an alligator out of a pond. The goal is controlled risk and knowing what your experiment will prove.”

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About ATDC

The Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) at Georgia Tech is Georgia’s technology incubator. Founded in 1980, ATDC has developed a global reputation for fostering technological entrepreneurship. Forbes named ATDC to its list of “Incubators Changing the World” in 2010 and 2013, alongside Y Combinator and the Palo Alto Research Center.





Transaasional: Sideqik’s New Take On The Saas Pricing Model

There may not be a truly perfect one-size-fits-all approach to SaaS pricing, but one startup’s new approach could be a big step forward toward bridging the gaps between product value and bottom line revenue.

When it comes to SaaS pricing models, two things are certain: 1) There’s nothing simple about it; and 2) opinions on the best way to approach SaaS pricing run the gamut.

Talk to one entrepreneur, and you might buy into the idea that freemium is the optimal way to acquire a large number of users (and gradually convert them into paying customers). Talk to another SaaS founder, and you might come away thinking that raising prices — as opposed to giving away a watered down version of the product — is a far more effective (and more sustainable) model.

Or, you could talk to Kurt Uhlir, co-founder and CEO of partnership marketing software company Sideqik, and suddenly feel motivated to adopt an entirely different SaaS pricing approach.

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Healthy Communications Are Central to Success

And taking the time to cultivate a culture of communications has led to some initial successes for Sideqik. Recently, Sideqik was featured by Website Magazine and then later selected to kick off Venture Atlanta.

“We’ve been part of some great companies before, and have worked in Chicago, on the West Coast, East Coast and other continents. Atlanta tops them all,” says Uhlir.

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Advanced driver assistance systems, ADAS, spatial data in video game creation

The Hidden Component of the Waze Acquisition

One of the lead inventors named on the patent, Kurt Uhlir, ran Navteq’s skunkworks for years, along with board-level projects. His patents are used for a number of video games including Flight Simulator X from Microsoft (going back to the gaming element of these patents).